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Tuna Kush, once a very guarded strain in very select circles, is now available to medical patients looking for strong and immediate relief. Tuna Kush is an extremely potent heritage Hindu Kush variety with origins in age-old hash smuggling routes. This variety drips resin in all growing phases and carries a very strong odor. At harvest she produces some of the most potent, hard resin covered kush buds on the planet; the complexity of the flavor and aroma makes Tuna a very unique and highly sought after Kush strain. Not a fast or a big producer, so don’t expect to set yield records wit this strain. However, you will have the hardest and most potent buds premium connoisseur grade buds you may have ever seen, with piles of very resinous trim; ideal for extracts. Lots of odor control is recommended while growing Tuna Kush.  

Tuna details
Breeder Reeferman Seeds
Type Indoor
Genetics Heritage Hindu Kush
Flavours Complex kushy funk
Flowering Times Indoor: 8-9 weels
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5 Seed Pack
USD 60.00
10 Seed Pack
USD 100.00
25 Seed Pack
USD 190.00