Frequently Asked Questions

Your credit card will be billed under a very discreet name. Please contact us for further details.

Reeferman Seeds ships worldwide but we ask you to check your local laws before ordering, as laws differ from country to country, state to state and by ordering, you are confirming that you are ok to do so.

Yes, Reeferman guarantees every customer the receipt of his or her order.

Your seeds will come thoroughly protected and stealthily packaged. All orders are guaranteed to arrive discreetly and packaged with care.

All Reeferman products are denoted in US dollars.

All secure online credit card orders are processed within 24 - 48 hours of receiving them. Upon approval of your order, your order will go to the packing department and then on to the shipping department. Order speed depends upon world geographic, so although most all orders arrive within 9-10 business days of there shipping date, please do allow for 30 days from your shipping date for delivery before contacting us about your order. We guarantee delivery.

All orders are shipped within 72 hours of being successfully processed. Please login to monitor your order status.

Providing you are in a country that allows the germination of cannabis seeds, the best way is to germinate your seeds in a glass of water or damp paper-towel and then use Jiffy peat pellets. Soak the pellets in water, (ph-balanced water), and when they have expanded take them out and allow them to drain off. Then place each sprout just under the surface (one germinated seed per pellet). Leave them in the dark for 1-2 days and keep an eye on them to see when the sprouts start to show. Do not let them dry out. Once they pop place them in a propagator and use a strip/fluorescent light for 18 hours a day, placed 2-inch's above the propagator. Do not use a strong light and keep the temperature around 21C/70F. You should see a +/-90% sprout rate using this method.

Yes. Order from our feminized varieties.

We accept Visa and Mastercard securely online or by phone. Every order is completely secure with customer satisfaction and privacy guaranteed.

Your credit card will be debited within 24-48 hours of you placing any order securely online or by telephone. If there are any problems with your credit card you will receive an automatic email stating that your credit card has been declined.

Yes, we can accept International Visa and MasterCard Pre-Paid credit cards and we encourage our customers to use them for convenience.

Please refer to our seed catalogue online. You can fill out the Mail Order Form by hand, or online by selecting 'Mail Order' as your preferred payment option when checking out of your secure online shopping cart.

Seeds can last up to 20 years if stored in the correct way though we do not recommend their prolonged storage.

If your seeds get lost, damaged or confiscated we will re-send your order to you. We guarantee every customer the receipt of his or her products.

No. We cannot issue refunds or accept returns on consumable products. We can also not cancel any orders already placed. We suggest trying a small quantity of something that interests you to see if the product performs to your expectations.

No. We do not ship COD.

International money order and cash orders are shipped within 72 hours of us receiving them from you.

Reeferman has a friendly and informative staff that is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns. Customer Service by E-mail: We are open from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time from Monday - Saturday