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Orange Peako

Orange Peako Cambodian is a line I first began working in 1990. She was selected for her extreme Sativa high, full bud structure and early finishing times. Different incarnations have been released over the years - this strain predates Reeferman Seeds going all the way back to the Prairie Fire Seed Company. The cambodian lines were obtained in import bricks in the mid-late eighties that smelled like Orange Peako Tea and Moth Balls. Back then at $2800 a pound, it had a soaring high and was the best of best import. This strains took me years to get to the form its in now. A pure Cambodian she flowers in 10-12 weeks depending on the Pheno-type selected. The high is a knock out and the longer this weed cures the better it gets.

Orange Peako details
Breeder Reeferman Seeds
Type Indoor
Genetics Cambodian
Flavours Orange citrus taste
Flowering Times Indoor: 10-12 weeks
5 Seed Pack
USD 60.00
10 Seed Pack
USD 100.00
25 Seed Pack
USD 190.00