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Patty Cake

Pattycake, pattycake, bakers man. When you look at this cherry vanilla frosting cake, pink mix in your hand... you will be blown away! Expect giant 2-liter bottle spear colas. When you walk into your room, it will be the first thing you smell. Encourage topping and plenty of food, this is the cash crop you wouldn't expect. Quality flavor, yield and frost, this girl is a boss.

Patty Cake details
Breeder Kre8 Genetics
Code K8PC
Type Indoor
Genetics White Cake x Pepe Le Pew
Flavours Cherry vanilla taste
Flowering Times Indoor: 8-9 weeks
1 review
5 Seed Pack
USD 40.00
10 Seed Pack
USD 70.00
25 Seed Pack
USD 140.00